Maintaining Your Grease Trap For Best Performance

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Maintaining Your Grease Trap For Best Performance

26 August 2019
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If you own a restaurant, you most likely understand the need for a grease trap, but keeping that grease trap working is critical, so proper maintenance needs to be high on your priority list. Cleaning the trap yourself is possible, but the task is one that most people leave to a professional service. 

When to Clean the Grease Trap

Grease traps do not all accumulate material at the same rate. The size of the tank, the volume of water in it, and the way the trap is used all determine the need for cleaning. In many areas, there are guidelines about how often grease traps should be cleaned, so check with the regulatory body in your area about what the requirements are.

Scheduling a regular trap cleaning with a service that will drain the trap, remove the waste from the property and dispose of it, and clean the trap for you is a good way to avoid a problem with the grease trap and establishes a company for you to call if you have an emergency issue with the trap. 

Grease Tank Odors

If you start to notice an odor coming from the grease trap, it needs cleaning. Even if you are not at the suggested ninety-day mark, cleaning the trap will get rid of the odor and any bacteria that might be growing in the tank. If you are not sure that the odor is coming from the trap, have a grease trap cleaning service come and inspect the tank for you. They will let you know if that is the issue and if the tank needs cleaning.

The odor you smell from the tank is the result of decomposing organic material in the tank. The smell is not going to get better until you remove that material from the tank and clean the walls and bottom of the tank thoroughly. 

Grease Trap Backups

One of the biggest problems with grease traps that are not clean is blockages in the drain lines. If the drain line running to the grease trap becomes occluded, the water, oil, and grease in the lines will not drain and can back up, making a huge mess that could result in bacteria from the tank and line entering your kitchen. 

If you have a backup of the grease trap in your kitchen, it is a good idea to have a cleaning service come in and clean the entire kitchen, sanitizing every surface in the kitchen and making sure that there are no bacteria left in the kitchen as a result of the backup. 

For more information, reach out to a grease trap maintenance service.