Why You Should Choose A Refrigerator With A Reversible Door

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Why You Should Choose A Refrigerator With A Reversible Door

15 October 2020
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Before you decide which model of refrigerator you'll buy, it's a good idea to take note of how the door swings open. Some models are hinged on the left, while others are hinged on the right. One feature that can make a big difference is whether the fridge you choose has a reversible door. This term describes a unit that allows you to make a series of small adjustments to change the direction that the door opens. While many refrigerators have reversible doors, some do not. Here are some reasons to choose a model that offers this flexibility.

Easier For You To Move Around

Think about where you'll position your new fridge in your kitchen, as well as the typical path that your family members will walk as they navigate this space. Generally, it will be clear to you which way the fridge should ideally open. For example, if it swings into the path where people frequently walk, this will be a situation that your family finds annoying. If someone is standing with the fridge door open for even a few seconds, another family member might not be able to pass by. Having a reversible door on your unit will allow you to change the door so that it swings open without interfering with peoples' conventional movement.

Quicker To Grab Food

If you're the type of person who is constantly striving to reduce your household's electricity usage, one habit that you may have is opening the fridge door quickly to grab whatever you need. When the door opens in the right direction — namely, opening to face where you typically stand while cooking — you'll have no trouble opening it, quickly retrieving your food, and then closing it again before the unit loses much cold air. If the door were to open in the opposite direction, you'd likely need to open the door all the way before you could reach inside. This would result in a significant loss of cold air, requiring the unit to run more — and raise your utility bills.

Better For Relocating

New fridges last for a long time, which means that you might take this appliance with you if you move to a new home several years from now. A model with a reversible door is ideal because you'll be able to change the swing path of the door upon moving into your new home if doing so makes sense. The last thing that you'd want is a non-reversible door that works in your current kitchen, but that might not work well in the kitchen of your next home. When you shop, make sure to ask a sales representative to identify which fridges have reversible doors.

If you're shopping for kitchen appliances, see if you can test it out in person. Seeing your kitchen appliance in a store before you buy it could help you visualize it in your home and prevent you from buying something that wouldn't fit your space.